Underground Ducting Neath

We supply and install underground ducting, the protective pipework through which pipes are run. If you position pipes above the ground, they are more likely to be crushed or broken. Exposed pipes are also more susceptible to damage from poor weather conditions, heat changes and other local environmental factors. Get in touch with us today to discuss, or arrange an estimation on our ducting solutions.

What The Law Says About Underground Utilities

The legislation in place for the fitting of underground utilities mostly surrounds the minimum depths you should fit pipes. With protective pipes, it is a legal obligation to use the correct colour duct for the right utility. It is against the law to use, or keep using, underground pipes and any connected equipment if you are aware that the fitting does not adhere to the present, set regulations.

The Difference Between Rigid and Flexible Ducting

Rigid ducting, ducting pipe available in straight, stiff lengths, sometimes identified as sticks, have a smooth exterior and inner bore. On the other hand, flexible protective pipes are available in coils with a smooth inner wall and a corrugated exterior wall for additional strength. Typically, tradespeople use single wall rigid protective pipes for shorter pipe runs, while flexible ducting is used for lengthier runs, since the corrugated exterior creates a robust structure.

Protecting Underground Pipes From Damage

As well as guarding water pipes, underground ducting protects you from contents that could pose a health hazard. Most properties use services and utilities fed through pipework which, if left above ground, would be more likely to break and cause flooding. Underground protective pipework is a great choice as it makes for a neat fitting and minimises risk. Even if you install them underground, water pipes are susceptible to damage from various things, including diggers and roots. This is where ducting offers a solution.

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